Titanic is a two-part miniseries released on CBS in December 1996. It features the sinking of the ship from all three classes, the Californian and the Carpathia. The miniseries was directed by Robert Lieberman, and the original music score was composed by Lennie Niehaus.


Wynn Park & Isabella Paradine

Isabella Paradine is traveling on the Titanic to join her husband after attending her aunt's funeral in England. On the Titanic, she meets Wynn Park, her former lover. She falls in love with him again, and after a brief affair, she sends her husband a wireless saying they cannot be together anymore (despite their daughter).

The Allisons & Alice CleaverEdit

Based on a true story.

Also in first class is the Allison family, returning home to Montreal with their two small children and new nurse, Alice Cleaver. They gradually become wary and suspicious of her hysterical and neurotic behavior. Later on, a fellow maid asks her if she'd seen her in Cairo the previous month, but soon realizes that she remembers her from the highly publicized trial where Alice was accused of throwing her baby off a train...

Jamie Perse, Aase Ludvigsen & Simon Doonan Edit

In third class, a young vagrant named Jamie Perse steals a ticket to get on board. He manages to become friends with one of the crewmen, Simon Doonan, who is also a robber, but later is revealed to be a much more violent and callous criminal than Jamie. The young man falls in love with Aase (pronounced "Osa") Ludvigsen, a recent Christian convert and missionary. On the night of the sinking, Aase is raped and beaten by Doonan, causing her to lose her faith and will to live.


Alice is woken by the iceberg collision and panics: she knows the ship is sinking rapidly and boards a lifeboat with Trevor, the Allison's infant son.

Isabella, Aase and Doonan (disguised as an old woman) all board the same lifeboat: No. 14, with Fifth Officer Lowe. Isabella reluctantly leaves Wynn when he forces her to board a lifeboat. As the boat is lowered, Isabella confesses a long kept secret that her daughter Claire is actually Wynn's. Aase, still in shock by Doonan's actions, is forced into the boat by Jamie.

Meanwhile, The Allisons desperately try to find their baby. Mrs Allison refuses to leave: "I'm not gonna leave this ship without my baby!" so Mr. Allison searches the whole ship to find Trevor, unaware of the fact he's already safely in another boat. The Allisons continue to search for their baby, while more and more lifeboats are leaving...

Jamie assists with the lowering of the last lifeboats when suddenly someone jumps in and the rope slips out of his hands. Jamie stumbles in the boat, probably breaking his back. He can barely move and screams in pain as the boat is being lowered, but he is saved in one of the last lifeboats.

Isabella, Jamie and other survivors watch the Titanic sink, with Wynn and the Allisons still on board.


Isabella begs Lowe to go back to the ship to pick up survivors, knowing that Wynn is there and needs help. Lowe agrees to go back, but is interrupted by an old woman with a heavy voice, who fears that the swimmers will swamp them. Aase takes off the woman's veil, revealing Doonan. Aase starts slapping Doonan for what he did to her, but he punches her overboard. Doonan tries to hold the passengers at gunpoint, but Officer Lowe, who is in charge of the boat, hits Doonan in the head with a paddle, snapping his neck.

The unconscious Aase drifts off all the way to Jamie's lifeboat. Jamie, still partially paralyzed, somehow spots her and dredges her into his boat, but it turns out to be a dead man. It later revealed that she was pulled back onboard by the occupants on Lifeboat #14.

All lifeboats are rescued by the Carpathia. All survivors and some dead bodies picked out of the water are taken on board the rescue ship. Isabella is grief-stricken when she finds Wynn's lifeless body on deck among other victims who have died of hypothermia, but luckily, when the Carpathia reaches New York she is reunited with her family who are blissfully unaware of Isabella's tryst because the telegram was never sent out due to the sinking.

Jamie subsequently atones for his past life after he brings Aase to the makeshift hospital aboard the Carpathia. Aase makes a full recovery and in the end, upon arriving in New York, the two plan to start a new life together.

Historical CharactersEdit

Fictional charactersEdit

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