Titanic One Voyage A World of Untold Stories

Titanic is a four-part television miniseries period drama written by Julian Fellowes based on the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

It was released in at least 86 countries in March and April 2012 for the disaster's one hundredth anniversary, April 15th, 2012; one of two such productions, the other being Titanic: Blood and Steel.

The series is a four-part television costume drama created by producer Nigel Stafford-Clark and written by Julian Fellowes to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the maritime disaster on April 15th, 1912. It sets out to paint a portrait of a whole society, telling the stories of a wide range of characters, both real and imagined, from every social level. Their narratives are developed and gradually interwoven over the first three episodes, each of which ends in a cliffhanger as the ship begins to founder. The fourth and final episode draws all of the different stories together and reveals to the audience who survives.


Episode OneEdit

The first episode focuses mainly on the family of the Earl of Manton. He, his wife, his manservant and the Lady Manton's maid have been booked on the Titanic for ages but the earl arranges for his daughter, Georgiana Grex, who has been rebelling against society by trying to get women to have the vote, to get a booking at the last minute. They board the ship, and Lady Manton is instantly inhospitable to Muriel Batley, wife of the earl's employee, John Batley. A further rift is caused between the pair when Lady Manton tells Mrs Batley about her blood roots back to Ireland, which she mocks. Meanwhile, romance blossoms between Georgiana and the handsome son of an American millionaire, but everything is put aside when the ship hits the iceberg. As the Mantons look for a lifeboat that is not full, things do not look good as, although Georgiana is put on a boat, Lady Manton refuses to leave her husband.

Episode TwoEdit

The second episode mainly focuses on the Maloney family and the Batley couple. Going back to before the ship's ill-fated voyage, the designers of the ship are in conflict over how many lifeboats should be on the boat. One of them hires Irishman Jim Maloney to get a more competent team to finish the behind-schedule electrical wiring, in exchange for transporting his family to America for a new life. Although his wife, Mary, is unsure of the move, they go anyway and Jim manages to secure the family a room in third class. However, a stranger and fellow passenger, Peter, makes Mary wary by constantly appearing nearby and soon makes the acquaintance of Mary's husband. Meanwhile, Italian engineer Mario's brother, Paolo Sandrini, catches the eye of a beautiful stewardess, Annie Desmond. The couple from Episode one, John and Muriel Batley, are shown having a turbulent time in their marriage. The ship hits the iceberg, and the Maloney family is trapped below decks. Peter steps out by attacking one of the stewards so Mary and her children can pass; however, both he and Jim are trapped below decks. Mary and her children manage to get on board a lifeboat, but the Batleys are not so lucky and the cliffhanger shows them with Second Officer Lightoller, the Earl of Manton and Harry Widener attempting to right an overturned lifeboat as the water reaches the boat deck.

Episode ThreeEdit

The third episode focuses on the romances develping between Annie Desmond and Paolo Sandrini, and between Mary Maloney and Peter Lubov. Italian stoker Mario Sandrini gets a job on the ship, and he also manages to secure passage for his brother Paolo, as the only foreign waiter in the First Class Dining Saloon. Paolo instantly becomes smitten with cabin steward Annie Desmond. Watson brings Lady Manton's jewel case down to steerage, and Barnes is shocked to discover why. Meanwhile, Paolo startles Annie with an impulsive gesture. Mary lets her guard down with Peter Lubov, enraging her husband Jim. But their argument is interrupted when the iceberg strikes, and fear builds in steerage as passengers find themselves behind locked gates. Lubov helps Mary and her children escape, and eventually, Jim and Lubov escape too. Lord Manton helps Mary and the children into a lifeboat but, in the scramble for safety, Mary's terrified daughter Theresa bolts back inside the sinking ship, followed by her father. Mario and the other Italians from Gatti's Restaurant have been locked in a storage cupboard and, after Paolo sees Annie safely to a lifeboat, he goes in search of his brother. The episode ends with Paolo standing outside the locked cupboard with the water quickly rising around him.

Episode FourEdit

The final episode aired in the UK and the US on April 15th, 2012; the 100th anniversary of the ship's sinking. Global aired it on April 11th, 2012. This episode follows the desperate plight of the passengers, in the gripping final instalment, as the Titanic sinks into the icy waters. Mr and Mrs. Rushton are left dining alone in the first-class dining saloon when the rest of their table goes to the Gatti's Restaurant. Jim and Mary talk about what happened with Lubov. At the bridge the ship's officers talk about the speed of the ship, where it is revealed that First Officer Murdoch feels they are travelling too fast. The ship hits the iceberg, and Batley, who was on deck when it hit, wakes his wife. Benjamin Guggenheim and his mistress, Madame Aubart, are interrupted by her lady's maid and his manservant who inform them that the ship is sinking. Watson is accidentally locked in the Mantons' cabin when a steward orders that all first-class cabins be locked to prevent people from stealing. Barnes comes to her aid and gets a steward to open the door. When she is running for a lifeboat he gives her an envelope and tells her not to open it until she is safe. Lubov and Jim go in search of Theresa, Jim's daughter, but when Jim finds her, it is too late to escape. Paolo manages to get Lubov to help him free his brother and the other Italians from the cupboard. Lady Manton is finally persuaded to get into a lifeboat and, as it is being lowered, J. Bruce Ismay steps in. As Batley and his wife try to turn over the final lifeboat with the other passengers, water comes rushing over the bow of the ship, and they are all swept apart. Paolo and Mario jump into the water and try to swim to safety, but they are separated and, as Mario climbs on to the overturned lifeboat, he sees the ship break in half and sink beneath the ocean. He looks frantically for Paolo. Many other men climb aboard the lifeboat, including Lightoller. Jack Thayer is refused entry to the boat; but when one of the men dies, Jack is allowed to take his place. The Duff Gordons persuade the crew of their near-empty lifeboat not to return to help people when Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon tells them he will give them each a fiver to stay where they are. Women in the other boats want to go and assist the people in the water and, as they discuss what to do, Batley floats by, clinging to the body of his wife. He is persuaded to let her go and is pulled aboard. It takes too long for them to create a pontoon from the boats and, by the time a lifeboat reaches the people in the water, most are dead. Only three are saved, two being Paolo, who died just as he was found, and Lord Manton, who is revived with brandy supplied by Dorothy Gibson. Mrs. Rushton gives Kitty to Madeleine Astor. Jack and his mother are reunited; however, Harry Elkins Widener, drowned. (According to his mother in earlier episodes, he couldn't swim.) Watson reads the letter Barnes wrote her. It is his will, in which he leaves her a small house, which should be perfect for her father. The episode ends with the survivors being rowed towards the rescuing ship (RMS Carpathia), while remembering those they had lost.






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