Titanic The Legend goes on Angelica & William

Angelica and William are the lovers from the 2001 animated Titanic film Titanic: The Legend Goes On.


They take the places of Jack and Rose from the James Cameron Titanic film. Just instead of a rich girl and poor boy it's a rich boy and a poor girl. Like in the 1997 Titanic film they meet each other on the ship and fall in love with each other. They kiss each other and want to get married but like in James Cameron film they get separated when the ship begins to sink after hitting the iceberg. William falls off the ship when it's stern is high in the air before spitting with a little boy in his arms but later on when Angelica was about to think William died in the disaster he was found and put into the lifeboat and wakes up in front of Angelica. Then at the end of the film they get married and they live happily ever after.