An extra assisting Steward 3

Extra's assisting Steward 3

Extra's assisting Steward 3

The Assistants of Steward 3 were stewards from several classes keeping the steerage passengers down. There were at least 4 of them, visible in these 3 screenshots. Those included:


The first one was seen with Steward 3 just before Lifeboat 7 departed. The latter saw they were losing control and ordered his assistant: Go and get some help!.

Steward 3 ordered to open the gate for the women. The First Class steward opened the gate and a woman escaped, the Steerage Steward helped her out. But when the man being combed for lice also escaped, a Steerage Steward pushed the other men back through and the First Class steward locked it again.

Behind the scenesEdit

One of the extra's has been identified as stunt performer Andy Bennett, the other portrayers remain unknown for now.

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