Benoît Picard was a Third Class passenger of the Titanic. He survived the sinking.

Details about his early life are unknown.

He lived in France for a number of years, adopting the French name of Benoît Picard, before moving to England. He appeared on the 1911 census as a boarder living at 8 Newling Street, Bethnal Green, London and he was described as an unmarried Gladstone bag maker.

He boarded Titanic at Southampton as a third-class passenger (ticket number 392078, which cost £8, 1s) and was destined for San Francisco, California. His cabin was number 10 in the third-class section, possibly on F Deck.

Starboard side lifeboats (3)

Picard escaped by climbing the marked ladder and entered the marked lifeboat

On the night of the sinking Benoît had been asleep when he felt a slight shock. Curiosity drew he and his cabin mates to get dressed and go out on deck to investigate. Later, when they attempted to return for their belongings, they found they could not return as the stewards would not allow them back. Benoît split away from the group he had been with and sought to make his way to the highest deck. He found his way to a door separating Third and Second Class and, finding it open, made his way into the Second Class section, possibly a promenade area on B Deck, where he could find no people, so he climbed a ladder into the First Class section. Coming to the Boat Deck, Benoît saw the lifeboats being loaded. As no women were around the boat he was near he, and several other men, climbed into the boat (#9).

In the lifeboat, Picard had a conversation with one of the seamen, where he remarked, "I would rather be on the ship." The seaman laughed at him, and he said, "Do you not see we are sinking?" Benoît recalled, "I was rather excited, and I said, 'It is fortunate that the sea is nice, but perhaps in five minutes we will be turned over'."

Following the disaster Benoît continued to San Francisco where he would remain for the rest of his life, becoming a naturalised US citizen in 1919. He was never married and died on 25 May 19May 25th, 194141.