Billy Blake

Billy Blake is a fictional leading fireman on the RMS Titanic in the 2012 Miniseries. He is played by Shane Attwooll.


When fireman Sandrini arrives late at the boiler room, Billy Blake scolds him for it. He is interrupted by another stoker who informs about a fire in the coal bunker. Blake gives the order to clear out the coal and watch it. Then he puts Mario to work, but not after asking what his brother's job is.

Blake is shown to be sharing a berth with Mario when the latter invites Paolo Sandrini in the cabin. Blake immediately mocks the Italian steward before leaving with the other firemen in laughter. [1]

When the ship is sinking, firemen extinguiush the fires in a flooding boiler room. Suddenly the watertight doors close. Mario and others run to the other room, but Blake is too late and gets trapped in the flooding boiler room. He and another locked up fireman continue to shovel coal out of the furnaces until they drown. [2]