Passerelle de navigation du RMS Olympic

Olympic's bridge on the inside

The Bridge was the area from which the RMS Titanic was commanded, housing the ship's steering gear, engine-order telegraphs and other paraphernalia. The bridge was located on the forward-most part of the Boat Deck. The Officer's Quarters were located directly aft of the bridge.


When the iceberg was seen by the lookouts, they rang the warning bell three times, signaling to the bridge that there was danger ahead. Immediately following the ringing of the bell, lookout Frederick Fleet picked up the Crow's Nest telephone and called the bridge. In the wheelhouse, Sixth Officer Moody picked up the phone asking "What did you see?" Fleet responded "Iceberg, dead ahead!" Moody replied "Thank you" and hung up, passing the information on to First Officer Murdoch, who commanded 'hard-a-starboard', planning to eventually port around the berg, but it was too close. Murdoch went to the wheelhouse to close the watertight doors. Boxhall arrived on the bridge from the Boat Deck, while Captain Smith came from his quarters. "What did we strike", he asked. Murdoch replied. "An iceberg, sir." 

Bruce Ismay also arrived on the bridge and asked Smith what happened. "We have struck ice", the old man explained. "Do you think the ship is seriously damaged?" "I'm afraid she is."

Once the order was given to abandon ship, the bridge remained almost completely empty. Until approx. 2:10 A.M., when Steward Edward Brown saw Captain Smith walk onto the bridge, alone at this time. Thomas Andrews went to look for him there and they had a little conversation. Cecil Fitzpatrick saw Smith and Andrews talking, but they didn't eavesdrop on them and we don't know what they said, as they both died in the sinking. Andrews went to take a look at the lowering of Collapsible A. Some survivors said they saw Smith enter the wheelhouse on the bridge, and die there when it was engulfed.


The bridge was completely destroyed during the 4 km descent to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. All that's left is the bronze steering wheel.