C Deck

The C Deck, also called the Shelter Deck, was the highest deck to run uninterrupted from stem to stern. It included the two well decks. It was the fourth deck, counting from the highest deck, the Boat Deck.


The C-deck is globally devided in stern, bow and large middle hull, with a smaller middle part more to the back, going towards the stern.

The bow contained mainly the facilities for crew members, like the galley and mess of firemen, seamen and trimmers. No berths. In the very front there's some gear for the capstans and bolders.

The stern had the aft Well Deck (which served as a Third Class promenade). Below the Poop Deck were some Third Class public rooms, like a general room and a smoke room. There is also a Steering Gear Room at the very end. At the end of the middle part there's a moderate promenade for second class, their library and the larger middle part contains mainly very luxury first class state rooms, just a bit less expensive and a bit less luxury than the one's on A Deck and B Deck.

In the very middle the grand staircase and more to the back there's a saloon for maids and valets. Special to note is the first class barber shop, found at the other side of the engine room casing, so parallel to the maids and valets salon.

The C-deck lays 14 metres above the water line. It started to flood at around 1:25AM, which is when the bow of the ship started to go down.

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