Chief Steward
Chief Steward Lattimer is a heavy fictionalized version of Chief First Class steward Andrew Latimer in the 2012 Miniseries.


Lattimer is guarding the stewards as they serve the tables in the First Class Dining Saloon. When he sees Paolo Sandrini, the only Italian steward, wink to Lady Georgiana Grex, he summons him for a warning: flirting with rich passengers like the Mantons is very offensive. [1]

Lattimer escapes the sinking Titanic by dressing up like a woman and boarding one of the last lifeboats. Unfortunately for him, that boat was commanded by Fifth Officer Lowe, who emptied the boat to go back for survivors. Lowe removed his shawl and exposed him to everyone in the pontoon, and Lattimer quickly moved into another boat.

Historically, this was Edward Ryan's story. He escaped in Lifeboat 14 using a woman's shawl, but Lowe unmasked him and pitched him in Lifeboat 10. [2]

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