What Sank Titanic
Curiosity: What Sank Titanic? is an episode on Discovery Channel about any alternative theories that could have sunk the RMS Titanic. It first aired in 2011. It was revamped for Channel 5 as Inside The Titanic.

Plot Edit

We think we know the full story of what happened aboard the Titanic, which sank almost 100 years ago. But how much do we actually know about what went wrong? In the aftermath of the disaster, a full trial was conducted producing a unique first-person account from those who survived. This special takes those highly emotive testimonies and, for the first time, uses them to forensically piece together the true tale of the Titanic.

Historical accuracyEdit

The episode received very mixed reviews, varying between "best Titanic documentary ever" to "this is total trash!". Overall, the episode has zero historical accuracy and does not deserve to be called a documentary.

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