D Deck
D Deck
, or Saloon Deck, is 10-11 metres above sea level and is the deck between C Deck and E Deck.

Three important places where built here. First you have the Third Class Open Space in the front, just before the bow, at the height of the officers quarter, but then many Decks below. D Deck is the middle deck, where you could find another smal part with first class state rooms, hardly less luxury then the ones on C Deck.

The Open Space was much used to come together and play music, play cards, drink beers and dance on tables and moving around poles, by the steerage people. That was a party for them. The first class cabins where just behind the open space and strictly seperated by a bulkhead.

The D Deck started to flood at around 1:10AM.

But here there were the normal, or cheaper first class rooms, but still better then the ones on E Deck.

Further there was a gigantic dining saloon, with typical British meals for the rich. This was what they called a party, just dining and talking about business, gossips. There was also a smaller, but still roomy Second Class Dining Saloon, more at the end of the middle part. At starboard are many hospital rooms, at same length but at the other side were a butcher and baker shop.

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