Desktop Titanic
Desktop Titanic
is a desktop set of the story of the RMS Titanic.

Plot Edit

This desktop set has a book of the story of the disaster, a small plastic model of the ship's stern, two lifeboats, and a small plastic model of the iceberg. The model of the ship is just the stern because it's supposed to represent the sinking.

It’s rocky in the sea of office survival. And statistics show that workers are drowning: 80% are stressed; 77% are completely burned out. With waves of paperwork and pressure, who wouldn’t want to send distress signals from their desks? To save a friend-or yourself-with a sympathetic lifesaver, we offer you Desktop Titanic. With its mini maritime-disaster replica and 32-page book including life-saving tips to stay afloat in the office, life can go on!

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