Titanic Dream Scene

The Dream scene is the last scene of the 1997 Film Titanic. Also thought to be Rose's heaven, she is reunited with Jack and his friends, along with the 1496 historical people who died in the sinking.

The scene opens with a shot of the wreck of the real Titanic, panning to the remains of the First Class Promenade on A Deck. Cue a fade to the nun-sunken ship, and the camera pans to the Grand Staircase. The Promade Steward opens the door and the camera enters using the Port Vestibule. Over 1500 people greet the person, all of them died in the sinking. The most prominent ones are Wallace Hartley and the rest of the orchestra, Benjamin Guggenheim, John Jacob Astor IV, First Officer MurdochTommyHelga, Fabrizio, Helga, Trudy, Capt. Smith, and Thomas Andrews. Jack is up the stairwell, staring at the big clock. He slowly turns around and stretches out his hand to the person, who is revealed to be a 17-year-old Rose. The two make out under the clapping of everyone while the camera pans to the sky dome and fades out. Roll credits.

Behind the scenesEdit

The first shot was made with actual wreck footage of the Titanic. James Cameron's film was unique in the fact it featured the actual wreck.

Although the scene is supposed to be with only with the people who died in the sinking, a small amount of unnamed passengers who survived are also visible in the background, including the Titanic Drunk and Steerage Man 1.

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