Edward Ryan (January 28th, 1888 - November 5th, 1974) was a Third Class passenger of the Titanic. He survived the sinking in Lifeboat 14. Fifth Officer Lowe emptied that boat and in the process, he discovered a young man disguised as an old woman and pitched him in Lifeboat 10. This may have been Edward Ryan, who recalled he pretended to be a woman.

He was the son of Daniel Ryan. He lived at Ballinareen, County Tipperary, Ireland.

Ryan boarded the Titanic at Queenstown as a third class passenger (ticket number 383162, £7 15s). His destination was the home of his sister, Mrs Bridget Welsh, Troy, New York. Although on the passenger list he had been listed as a general labourer, when he arrived in New York he gave his occupation as chauffeur.

On the night of the sinking Edward managed to board Lifeboat 14 wearing a towel over his head, a fact which he freely conceded to his parents in a letter dated 6 May 1912.

"I stood on the Titanic and kept cool, although she was sinking fast. She had gone down about forty feet by now. The last boat was about being rowed away when I thought in a second if I could only pass out [i.e. get into the boat] I'd be all right. I had a towel round my neck. I just threw this over my head and left it hang in the back. I wore my waterproof overcoat. I then walked very stiff past the officers, who had declared they'd shoot the first man that dare pass out. They didn't notice me. They thought I was a woman. I grasped a girl who was standing by in despair, and jumped with her thirty feet into the boat."

Edward may have been the man whom Fifth Officer Lowe pitched violently into another lifeboat during Lifeboat 14's emptying after the sinking, after discovering the agile passenger to be a man.

Ryan moved back to England three years after the disaster; he settled in Hull in 1916 where he worked for Rose, Downs and Thompson Ltd. He was married to Gertrude Annie and together they had three children: Monica, Norman and Kathleen (who predeceased her father).

Edward Ryan passed away on November 5th, 1974.