Edwin Herbert Keeping (July 5th, 1878 - April 15th, 1912) was a servant of George Dunton Widener.

A widely travelled man, Keeping had visited numerous countries to work with various employers, among whom was a Russian Grand Duke, who gave him a locket as a present when he left. Edwin emigrated to the USA around 1903 and became employed by the wealthy Widener family of Pennsylvania. He was married around 1908 to a Swedish-born lady, Caroline Elizabeth Johansson (b. 10 February 1880) who had emigrated to the USA in 1895 from Stockholm and who was also in the employment of the Wideners. The couple had one child, their daughter Mildred Evelyn Nance, who was born in 1909. The family were shown on the 1910 census living in Cheltenham, Montgomery, Pennsylvania.

Keeping boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg with the Wideners and travelled on his own ticket (#113503). He died in the sinking and his body was later recovered by the MacKay Bennett (#45) and was buried at sea on 21 April 1912.

CLOTHING -  Grey overcoat marked "E.K" on the inside pocket, black suit, striped shirt and black boots.
EFFECTS -  gold watch and chain, locket, pocket book with diamond and ruby tie-pin, one $2.00 bill, cigarette case, 3 pieces of 20 francs, 1 piece of 20 f. Magyar, and three 100 fr. notes in a purse, keys and lucky cent, 3s 3d in coins; Paris address "Ritz Hotel".

Among the effects found with the body was the locket given to Keeping as a gift. In it were two pictures, one of his wife and the other of his three year old daughter.

Keeping's widow and daughter received an annual sum from a trust started by Eleanor Widener. His estate, worth £247, 1s, 1d was administered to his widow Caroline on 19 October 1912. Caroline is not believed to have remarried and she and her daughter later returned to her native Sweden. She died in 1960. Their daughter Mildred was married in the 1930s to Hans Theodor Axelsson Fogelberg (1902 - 1989) and she raised a family. She died in Stockholm in 1990.

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