The Legend of the Titanic Elizabeth & Don Juan
Elizabeth and Don Juan are the lovers from the 1999 animated Titanic film The Legend of the Titanic.


When Elizabeth Blake-Camden (June 17,1894-October 1,1999) first sees Don Juan (August 18,1893-October 27,1997) with his dog Smiley she quickly falls in love with him. They later meet again by sunset on the ship after being arranged by Conners, Ronny, and Smiley. As they fall in love they dance on the deck with the crowd of mice and other dogs then Elizabeth fells happy that her father the Duke tells her he is happy that she wants to marry Juan even that he's never meat him. On the part when the ship sinks with Tentacles stuck to it they jump together off the stern and land in the water and rescued by a whale and then watch the Titanic finally go under. The film ends with them getting married and thanking Tentacles, the dolphins, and whales for saving everyone in the disaster.