The Legend of the Titanic Evart Mount Travors
Evarard Maltravers is the villain from the 1999 animated Titanic film, The Legend of the Titanic.


He was a rich whaler and the one who wanted to marry Elizabeth so he could have his whaling wrights. Like in the 1997 Film Titanic, a lady was being forced to marry him. When Elizabeth started to fall in love with Don Juan he sent his manservant Geoffrey to spy on her. He is really the reason why the Titanic sank in this film. Using his shark Mr. Ice and his shark gang to sink the ship by midnight while he, Geoffrey and Elizabeth's wicked stepmother tie Elizabeth's father, the duke up in a chair at gunpoint. When they escape the ship on one of it's lifeboats before the Titanic hits the iceberg and starts to sink. At the end of the film Maltravers and his manservant Geoffrey and Elizabeth's wicked stepmother were lost at sea in the life boat in the middle of the freezing cold Atlantic ocean.

In Search of the Titanic

In The Legend of the Titanic's sequel In Search of the Titanic (with different colored hair and name changed to Baren Vandertilt), he and Geoffrey wanted a treasure hidden inside the wreck of the Titanic, so they sent their mini submarines down to the ocean floor, only to get zapped by the Atlantean's ray that make them and Maltravers and Geoffrey forget why they were in the middle of the Atlantic ocean in the first place.


He was voiced by Gregory Snegoff, who also voiced Fritz in the other animated Titanic movie, Titanic: The Legend Goes On.