Fairview Cemetery is a cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is perhaps best known as the final resting place for over one hundred victims of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Officially known as Fairview Lawn Cemetery, the non-denominational cemetery is run by the Parks Department of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Location Edit

Fairview Lawn Cemetery is located in the North End of Halifax at the Northern End of Windsor Street. It is bordered by the Saint John Anglican cemetery on one side and the Baron de Hirsch Cemetery on another.

Titanic victims Edit

One hundred and twenty-one victims of the RMS Titanic sinking are interred at Fairview, more than any other cemetery in the world. Most of them are memoralized with small gray granite markers with the name and date of death. Some families paid for larger markers with more inscriptions. The occupants of a third of the graves, however, have never been identified and their markers contain just the date of death and marker number. Surveyor E. W. Christie laid out three long lines of graves in gentle curves following the contours of the sloping site. By co-incidence, the curved shape suggests the outline of the bow of a ship.[1]

Twenty-nine other Titanic victims are buried elsewhere in Halifax; nineteen in the Roman Catholic Mount Olivet Cemetery and ten in the Jewish Baron de Hirsch Cemetery.

The grave of the Unknown ChildEdit

One of the better-known Titanic markers is for an unidentified child victim, known for decades as The Unknown Child. No one claimed the body, so he was buried with funds provided by sailors of the CS Mackay-Bennett, the cable ship that recovered his body. The marker bears the inscription 'Erected to the memory of an unknown child whose remains were recovered after the disaster of the "Titanic" April 15, 1912'. In November 2002, the child was initially identified as 13-month-old Eino Viljami Panula of Finland. Eino, his mother, and four brothers all died in the Titanic disaster. After additional forensic testing, the unknown child was re-identified as 19-month-old Sidney Leslie Goodwin, an English child who perished with his entire family.[2]

The grave of J. DawsonEdit

Grave number 227 marked "J. Dawson" gained fame following the release of the 1997 film Titanic, since the name of Leonardo DiCaprio's character in the film is Jack Dawson. Many filmgoers, moved by the story, left flowers and ticket stubs at Dawson's grave when the film was first released, and flowers continue to be left today. Film director James Cameron has said the character's name was not in fact inspired by the grave. More recent research has revealed that the grave actually belongs to Joseph Dawson, an Irishman who worked in Titanic's boiler room as a coal trimmer.

List of victims buried at Fairview CemeteryEdit

Body No. Name
2 John William Marriott
3 Jenny Lovisa Henriksson
4 Sidney Leslie Goodwin
8 Wendla Maria Heininen
10 Robert Henry Butt
11 John Joseph Shea
17 John Henry Chapman
29 Unidentified
32 Simon Sivertsen Sæther
34 Henry Wellesley Ashe
37 Malkolm Joackim Johnson
64 John Reginald Rice
83 William George Dashwood
92 Unidentified
94 Unidentified
97 Reginald Fenton Butler
110 William Henry Harrison
128 Unidentified
129 Unidentified
134 Unidentified
138 Alfred James Fellowes
139 Unidentified
140 Achille Waelens
141 Alfred Maytum
143 Jakob Alfred Johansson
145 Henry Allen
149 Henry Price Hodges
150 George Frederick Charles Talbot
161 George Francis Bailey
163 Frederick Ernest Woodford
165 Johan Henrik Johannesson Kvillner
179 Unidentified
183 William McQuillan
186 Ernest Cyril Price
187 Thomas James Everett
191 Robert J. Davies
192 David Matherson
193 John Law Hume
195 Charles Frederick Shillabeer
198 Unidentified
201 Alfonso Meo-Martino
204 George Ingram
205 Joseph Francis Akerman
206 Alma Cornelia Pålsson
209 Arthur Gordon McCrae
211 Paul Georges Lefebvre
212 Percival Stainer Deslands
213 Unidentified
216 Unidentified
217 Owen Wilmore Samuel
218 Herbert Cave
219 Unidentified
220 Unidentified
221 Battista Antonio Allaria
222 Frank Goree
223 Unidentified
226 Thomas Moore Teuton
227 Joseph Dawson
228 Unidentified
229 Unidentified
231 Frank John Roberts
233 Unidentified
235 Thomas Ferguson Baxter
327 Unidentified
238 Alfred John Moffett King
239 Ernest Edward Samuel Freeman
240 Unidentified
241 Unidentified
242 Richard William Hosgood
243 Edward Thomas Stone
246 Robert Arthur Wareham
247 Arthur White
250 James Hutchinson
251 William Carney
252 George H. Dean
253 Frank Couch
254 Unidentified
257 Unidentified
260 Albert Karvin Anderson
261 Thomas Storey
262 Alan Vincent Franklin
265 Unidentified
267 John Brown
268 Frederick Charles Marsh
270 Alfred Arnold Deeble
272 Edward Joseph White
273 Sidney Holloway
274 Norman Leslie Bogie
276 Ernest Edward Gradidge
279 Unidentified
280 Frederick Simms Reeves
281 Unidentified
282 Edward James William Rogers
283 Unidentified
284 Frederick Charles Sawyer
285 Gustav Joel Johansson
287 Robert Douglas Norman
290 Robert Charles Bristow
294 George Swane
296 Unidentified
297 Ralph Giles
300 William Denton Cox
301 Emilio Poggi
303 Unidentified
304 Mapriededer Zakarian
305 Hans Kristensen Givard
308 Unidentified
311 Italo Francesco Donati
313 Luigi Gatti
314 Jakob Alfred Wiklund
315 Henry Wittman
316 Augustus George Stanbrook
317 Everett Edward Elliott
319 Arthur Albert Howell
320 James Edward Cartwright
321 Ernest Waldron King
323 Thomas Mullin
327 Harold Reynolds
329 Charles Edwin Smith
330 James McGrady

War GravesEdit

The cemetery also contains 29 war graves of Commonwealth service personnel, 20 from World War I and 9 from World War II.[3]

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