The First Class Reception was a room located on D Deck, at the foot of the Grand Staircase. The room was open from 8am to 11pm. The room measured 45 feet long and 92 feet wide. It had many chairs and tables, as it served as the Reception for the First Class Dining Room, in which passengers could retreat to before and after their meals. The 1st-Class Reception Room also played host to Afternoon Tea which started at 4pm daily. The ship's quintet would play Overtures from 4pm to 5pm before heading to 2nd-Class to perform for an hour. The Quintet would return to host a 1st-Class Conert from 8pm until 9:15pm and return at 10:15pm and play until 11pm where they finished the Encore Concert with selections from Jacques Offenbach's "The Tales Of Hoffman". There were 2 stewards assigned for this room.

The Reception provided access to the upper decks via the Grand Staircase and lifts, the Grand Staircase from E Deck down to F Deck wasn't elaborate like the 5 decks above but was more of a single staircase (and, through it, the decks below) and the D Deck cabins.

The reception is prominently featured in the 1997 Film Titanic and in the upcoming video game Titanic: Honor and Glory.

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