3rd-Class Forward Well Deck00:43

3rd-Class Forward Well Deck

Monday April 15th, 1912 at 12:15 A.M.

The Forward Well Deck on C Deck was one of the two well decks of the Titanic. Prominent were two cargo hatches leading to cargo holds 2 & 3. The well decks were Steerage zones, and the forward well deck had an entrance leading to the Third Class Open Space one deck lower. On deck, there was a stairwell leading up to First Class area one deck higher, but it was blocked by a waist-high gate with a sign telling steerage passengers to stay in their area.

The infobox image is a rendering from the upcoming game Titanic: Honor and Glory. It shows the Well Deck, flooded. This was the case on the real Titanic at about 1:25 A.M.

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