Frank Dymond was a fireman of the RMS Titanic. He survived the sinking.

On May 10th, 1898 he married Mary Jane Lisle and they would have 9 children in total.

Dymond had been a boxer before going joining the navy as a ship's stoker. He later entered the merchant service as a ship's fireman (civilian equivalent of stoker) and his ship immediately prior to joining the Titanic was the Teutonic.

He was placed in charge of lifeboat 15, and survived the disaster. In a May 1912 interview he described how the lifeboat was damaged coming down the side of the sinking ship and nearly crushed Lifeboat 13 which had drifted beneath it. He steered and tried to maintain order in the packed lifeboat despite being frozen. He gave his sweater to Walter Fredericks to keep warm. According to Walter Lord "Seaman Diamond [sic], a tough ex-boxer in charge of No.15, swore oaths that turned the night air even bluer."

Dymond returned to sea and served aboard many ships usually as a fireman, leading fireman or greaser.

Frank Dymond died on June 19th, 1947 at 33 Derby Road in Southampton and was buried at The Old Cemetery, Hill Lane on June 23rd. His wife Mary Jane died June 16th, 1971 and was buried in the same plot on June 22nd.