Georgiana Grex
Lady Georgiana Grex is a fictional character of the 2012 Miniseries Titanic. She joins her parents, the Earl of Manton and his wife, her mother's maid, and her father's manservant on board the Titanic.

Episode 1Edit

Lady Georgiana is first seen being bailed out of prison by her father. She then joins her parents on a train[1].

When going for dinner, the Mantons are welcomed by Captain Smith, John Jacob Astor and Madeleine Astor. Dorothy Gibson joins them and they shake hands. The Wideners also join them, but their son Harry keeps staring at Georgiana. Finaly, the Duff-Gordon's also join them, with Mrs. Rushton complaining about their locked-up "darling", then Joseph Rushton explains she refers to their Pekinese.

At dinner, Harry Widener takes a seat next to Georgiana at the Captain's table. Lady Manton already notices the romance growing between them. Paolo Sandrini serves the table and flirtatiously winks to Georgiana.

After dinner, they head to the reception, where the band plays "Autumn" on her request. Harry nods to Lord Manton, who nods back, meaning he allows it. Harry asks her to dance, which she accepts. They dance and talk while being guarded by the Mantons.

Jack Thayer crashes the party and takes Georgiana from Harry. Lady Manton seems to be worried about her.

That Sunday, Georgiana joins a conversation with Harry, her parents and the Batleys.

Harry takes Georgiana on an evening strool before dinner. They encounter the Allison family, and Alice behaves overprotective to Georgiana about Trevor.

After dinner, Harry and Geogiana go for another stroll. He gives his coat to her after he sees her shiver. He confesses to her and they share a kiss.

After the iceberg collision, Georgiana joins the Mantons in her cabin, she's already wearing a lifejacket. The group then heads out to Second Class to avoid the masses in First Class. They pass the Purser's Office, where loads of passengers ask for their jewelry. Lady Manton is relieved she kept her jewels with her. Suddenly the Batleys, who found their way up to First Class, find the Mantons, and Muriel heap abuses on Lady Manton about her 'aristocratic' behavior. Lord Manton tries to make her shut up, but his efforts are in vain and John Batley has to push her wife away.

Once outside, The Mantons approach the falls. Hugh sees a lifeboat getting lowered away which is only 30% filled and stops it, but the boat can't be brought back. He then finds Lightoller launching a boat, but the boat's already full and Lightoller directs Hugh to the other side.

The group descends to A Deck, where they find the orchestra again, and once again they play "Autumn" for Georgiana. Back on the Boat Deck, Hugh tries to speak with his wife about what Muriel said, but Louisa cuts him off. Georgiana moves on to the lifeboat, where she sees Alice Cleaver with Trevor Allison, without the rest of the Allison family. Dorothy Gibson and her mother (who had been drinking) also rush into the lifeboat, making Louisa refuse to enter. Georgiana is on the verge of entering when she bails back to her father. Harry Widener finds her again, his mother is already in a lifeboat.

The Mantons, their servants and Harry then go to another lifeboat, once again Lightoller wants to launch an underfilled boat, afraid they might split. Hugh confronts him with the dilemma of the men who have to be forced to swim to the boats which are rowing away, afraid of the suction when she goes down.

Harry explains the last boats are being prepared. The whole group herads there, and Bruce Ismay calls Lord Manton. Louisa has a shocking revelation: he knew about Hugh's secret all along and she refuses to board the lifeboat. Georgiana suggests they all stay together, but Harry literally drags her into the lifeboat and then steps back. Hugh desperately wants her to survive, and Louisa has yet to decide when the boat is on the verge of being lowered and the episode ends in a cliffhanger.

Episode 2Edit

When Titanic is sinking, Lord Manton brings his wife, daughter and servants towards a lifeboat. Suddenly, Mary Maloney rushes to the scene with her children and gets trampled. Hugh helps her to get up. Muriel Batley is also trampled, but when Hugh offers help, John refuses it.

Episode 3Edit

On the Sunday of the maiden voyage, Captain Smith hosts a church meeting with passengers of all classes. Hugh has a brief conversation while a few steerage passengers join in.

That evening, the ship is sinking. Hugh brings his wife, daughter and servants towards a lifeboat, only to have steward Sandrini send them back, the boat is already gone. Hugh looks over the edge and is stunned to see the boat is not even half full. With a short "STOP!" word of a mighty man, the lowering halts. But Fifth Officer Lowe says they can't bring the boat back up.

The Mantons go to the next lifeboat, Suddenly, Mary Maloney rushes to the scene with her children and gets trampled. Hugh helps her to get up, only to get held back by a jealous Jim. Mary calmes her husband and Hugh takes little Sean to the lifeboat. Thanks to Hugh's loud orders, they make it to the boat, only to be held back again, this time by First Officer Murdoch. Murdoch claims the boat is already full, but Hugh manages to order Murdoch to allow the Maloneys in. Jim thanks Hugh, who returns to his family.

Episode 4Edit

On the Sunday evening of the maiden voyage, Louisa, her husband and daughter are dining in Gatti's restaurant with Harry Widener, Dorothy Gibson, Captain Smith, the Astors and others. Georgiana and Harry are clearly developing feelings for each other.

Later, the ship is sinking. Hugh looks to a lifeboat being lowered, and is stunned to see the boat is not even half full. With a short "STOP!" word of a mighty man, the lowering halts. But Fifth Officer Lowe says they can't bring the boat back up. At this moment, Barnes notices Watson is missing. Louisa says she's back to the cabin to get her book, making Barnes rush away, swearing.

When Georgiana is saying goodbye to Harry, who is now her boyfriend, Hugh urges her to come.

The Mantons then go to another lifeboat, and Hugh and helps Jim Maloney get his family into the lieboat.

At around 2:00 A.M., the Mantons are still not safe. They suddenly encounter Harry, who saw his mother away. He giudes the Mantons to a collapsible lifeboat. At a moment, Barnes hesitates a second and has some time alone with Watson.

Georgiana and Watson enter the collapsible, but Louisa doesn't. Georgiana, Harry and Bruce Ismay urge Louisa to save herself and leave Hugh behind. Eventually, Louisa promises to take care of both of Hugh's daughters and enters the lifeboat. Lowe and Ismay enter the boat too.

Louisa and Georgiana watch Titanic sink. They urge Lowe to go back to the site and look for Hugh and Harry. Lowe says they'll form a pontoon to head back, which is what happens. It takes loner than expected, and when the lifeboat returns to the disaster site, most swimmers are dead. They only come back with three swimmers, including a dead steward Sandrini and an unconscious Hugh. He is revived with brandy brought by Dorothy.

  1. The train appears to be from the 1950's, which is an anachronism.

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