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Harland and Wolff is a shipyard located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where the three ships of the Olympic-Class (Titanic, Olympic, and Britannic) were built.

The company was founded by Edward Harland and Gustav Wolff in 1861. It is known for having built all of White Star Line's ships.

The Olympic-Class ships were built on the Arrol Gantry, which was erected in 1908 after being commissioned to build these big ships.

The War Edit

440px-Launch of Olympic

Olympic being launched

In the First World War, Harland and Wolff built monitors and cruisers, including the 15-inch gun armed "large light cruiser" HMS Glorious. In 1918, the company opened a new shipyard on the eastern side of the Musgrave Channel which was named the East Yard. This yard specialised in mass-produced ships of standard design developed in the First World War.

Today, Harland and Wolff no longer build ships, instead they now build engines and repair damaged ships though the company has indeed seen its ship-related workload increase slightly.