Harper dog

Henry Harper's wife & dog

Henry Sleeper Harper and his wife Myra boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg, occupying First-Class cabin D-33. Accompanying the Harpers was Hammad Hassab (an Egyptian dragoman, or interpreter whom Henry had bought in Egypt as a joke) and Henry's prized Pekingese dog, "Sun Yat Sen".

On the night of the sinking, Henry and Myra were having dinner. They were then told to go back to their cabin, get dressed warmly, put on their lifebelts, and go up to the boat deck. Henry put on an overcoat over his dinner tuxedo and Myra put on a black fur coat over her sparkly dinner dress. She grabbed a pair of gloves, a fur muff, and her mother's pearl necklace that she had given her. Then the wealthy couple boarded Lifeboat 3 along with Henry's dragoman and Sun Yat Sen. Both survived the sinking.

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