Hold Steward 1 (from 1997 Film)

Hold Steward 1

Hold Steward 2 (from 1997 Film)

Hold Steward 2

There were 2 Hold Stewards in the 1997 Film Titanic.

Third Class Stewards wore plain white uniforms apart from the First Class and Second Class Stewards who were more smartly dressed. First Class Stewards wore white uniforms with a bowtie and a white suit jacket. Second Class Stewards wore Navy blue vests over white uniforms. These two stewards were sent to find Caledon Hockley's fiancé, Rose DeWitt Bukater, who is on the run with Jack Dawson.

At 11:38 P.M., two minutes before the iceberg collision, two third class stewards are tasked with finding the two. They are told by Leading Fireman Fred Barrett of their last location and they enter the cargo hold with flashlights.

When the iceberg grazes the ship, water rushes into the hold where the two stewards are knocked to their feet by the rushing water. The current calms down when the water gets waist-high and the hold stewards escape the flooding hold.

On deck, the stewards fail to find a lifeboat and end up at Collapsible lifeboat A with Caledon Hockley on board.

After the band has played "Nearer My God To Thee", Hold Steward 1 gets thrown out of the boat. Collapsible A is almost completely swamped when she floats off. Cal flails and climbs the ropes and manages to stay on board the lifeboat. He starts throwing people out who are swamping the boat even further, but he's at the back and Hold Steward 1 manages to climb on board at the front side. At the next cut of the lifeboat, he is safely on board.

Further up, at the falling of the first funnel, Hold Steward 1 is gone.

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