Lifeboat 11 was the 6th lifeboat to be lowered from the starboard side of the Titanic, lowered under First Officer Murdoch's supervision at 1:10 A.M. with quartermaster Sidney Humphreys in charge. By now the lifeboats were being filled much closer to their capacity, and it is estimated to have had about fifty people aboard.

One occupant, Steward James Witter, had not intended to board but was knocked into it by a hysterical woman whom he was helping aboard while it was being lowered.[1] First Class passenger Edith Louise Rosenbaum brought along her lucky toy pig, which played the Maxixe. She had wrapped it in a blanket to protect it but was too frightened to enter the lifeboat; thinking it was a baby, a steward took it and tossed it to one of the women already aboard. Rosenbaum could not bear the thought of losing the pig and boarded the lifeboat to retrieve it.[2] Both Rosenbaum and the pig survived; it is now part of the collection of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London.[3]

On reaching the water, the lifeboat was nearly swamped by a jet of water being pumped out of Titanic in a futile bid to stem the ship's progressive flooding. Tempers flared among the crowded passengers, some of whom had to stand, as the lifeboat was rowed away from the ship.[4] Rosenbaum used her toy pig to entertain the children aboard.[2] The lifeboat was met by the Carpathia at about 7:00 am.


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