Lifeboat 3 was the third boat to be lowered from the starboard side, and the third one lowered overall. It was one of the 14 standard wooden lifeboats, and it departed with around 38 people, even though other sources stick to 32.

Once all the available women and children had been put in to the boat, men, including a handful of the ships firemen, were allowed to jump in. Then at around 12:55 A.M., Murdoch and Lowe supervised the lowering of the boat. At the same time, Lifeboat 6 was being launched on the other side by Captain Smith and Second Officer Lightoller.

Able seaman George Moore was in command of lifeboat 3. In the water, it is said that two of the boats oars were lost overboard, possibly due to the effect of the cold on the crew’s hands. At least two survivors who were aboard the boat stated that there was no light in the boat. With the lack of light in the boat, the passengers burned what they could find to try to make themselves visible to Carpathia.

All the passengers and crew aboard lifeboat 3 were rescued by Carpathia and taken to New York.


  1. James Anderson
  2. Walter William Binstead
  3. Elizabeth Margaret Burns
  4. Thomas Drake Martinez Cardeza
  5. Charlotte Wardle Cardeza
  6. George Combes
  7. Robert Frederick William Couper
  8. Robert Williams Daniel
  9. Orian Davidson
  10. Albert Adrian Dick
  11. Vera Dick
  12. Margaret Edith Graham
  13. Edith Graham
  14. John Haggan
  15. Henry Sleeper Harper
  16. Myra Raymond Harper
  17. Hammad Hassab
  18. Walter James Hawksford
  19. Clara Jennings Hays
  20. Gustave J. Lesueur
  21. Thomas Jubilee Mayzes
  22. George Alfred Moore (In charge)
  23. John J. Moore
  24. Mary Anne Perreault
  25. Adolphe Saalfeld
  26. Wilfred Deable Seward
  27. Elizabeth Weed Shutes
  28. Colonel (Oberst) Alfons Simonius-Blumer
  29. Robert Douglas Spedden
  30. Frederic Oakley Spedden
  31. Margaretta Corning Spedden
  32. Max Stähelin-Maeglin
  33. Robert Triggs
  34. Annie Moore Ward
  35. Helen Alice Wilson

Popular cultureEdit

Lifeboat 3 received no special attention in any Titanic film. However, it was mentioned in the game Titanic: Adventure Out of Time.

Carlson wakes up at 1:10 AM. If he goes to the deck immediately, he'll see a seaman guarding lifeboat 3. Beatrix Conkling is also there, waiting to board the lifeboat with baby Edward. In real life, lifeboat 3 was most likely launched before Carlson could have woken up, but only boats 5 & 7 are gone in the game.

Seaman: I'm swingin' out boat 3 directly! Line starts in the back, mate!

Carlson: Can you help me?

Seaman: Help?! Now?! I'm busy! We have plenty of women and children for boat 3, here.

The lifeboat is gone after the first cutscene in the sinking part of the game, which starts when the clock hits 1:20 AM.

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