Gaspare Antonio Pietro Gatti (January 3rd, 1875 - April 15th, 1912) ran the A la carte restaurant on the Titanic. He died in the sinking.

He was born in Montalto Pavese, Italy at 3 a.m. on January 3rd, 1875. He was one of eleven children of Paolo Gatti and Maria Nascimbene. His father Paolo was a local councillor responsible for a municipal department and "country peacemaker" (? Justice of the peace or magistrate).

Gatti left Italy for England when he was still young. He married a British subject and together they he had a son, Vittorio. Luigi was the only member of his family to move away from Italy, and when he found success he sent money back the family in Montalto Pavese. When Luigi Gatti signed on to the Titanic on April 6th 1912; he gave his home address as "Montalto", Harborough Road, Southampton.

Luigi Gatti joined the Restaurant business at an early age. In London, he ran two Ritz restaurants, the 'Gatti's' Adelphi' and the 'Gatti's Strand'. On the Olympic and later the Titanic, he would run the à la carte restaurants with staff drawn from his two London restaurants.

His body was recovered by the Minia (#313). It was brought to shore and buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Halifax.

Most of the belongings were returned to Gatti's wife in London but a single dollar bill, from the wallet recovered with his body, was sent back to the relatives in Italy.