The Magic Tree House Tonight on the Titanic Chapter Book
Magic Tree House: Tonight on the Titanic is a 1999 book, the #17th book of the Magic Tree House series.


Jack and Annie find a dog in the tree house and a note from Morgan. They read the note that said:"This little dog is under a spell and needs your help.To free him,you must be given four special Things:A gift from a ship lost at sea, A gift from the prairie blue, A gift from a forest far away, A gift from a Kangaroo. Be wise. be brave. Be careful." Jack and Annie found a Titanic book and Jack wished they would be on the Titanic. The Titanic was sailing and then it bumped into an ice burg. The Titanic started to tip until the bottom went up. The captain turned on the radio for S.O.S. which means Save Our Souls. All the ships had turned off their radios for the night except one that was far away. There was an announcement that said women and children were first for the lifeboats. Annie accidentally got into a lifeboat. Jack pulled Annie back onto the ship as the lifeboat was going down into the sea. Jack and Annie found the tree house, got back in, and then they disappeared back home. They got a pocket watch from a kid and teenage girl on the Titanic. Their mission was a success. 

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