The Mail Room of the RMS Titanic was located on G Deck on the starboard side towards the bow of the ship.

The Titanic was effectively a floating post office and had been commissioned to transport and handle mail from the United Kingdom's Royal Mail service, allowing the Titanic to get the title of a Royal Mail Ship, or RMS.

Postal clerksEdit

The post office was manned by five postal clerks, Americans John March, Oscar Woody, and William Gwinn and British postal clerks John Smith and James Williamson who were to were tasked with sorting much of the mail contained within the 3,423 mail bags, they were also responsible for handling any letters which were posted on the ship.


After the collision with the iceberg the mail room was one of the first affected areas due to its location towards the bottom of the ship, once the men realized that the Mail Room was flooding they enlisted the help of several stewards and attempted to move 200 sacks of registered mail to an office one deck higher in the hope of saving them. But that office soon started to flood as well. Eventually they gave up and went to the deck. The clerks failed to find a lifeboat.

The bodies of two of the workers Oscar Woody and fellow American John March were later recovered from the sea, None of seven million individual items of mail has ever been recovered during the aftermath or since the wreck was discovered.


Post Office on Super Ships world

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