The Man being combed for lice is a recurring extra of the 1997 Film Titanic, appearing in various scenes troughout the film, much like the Titanic drunk. He was portrayed by Francisco Váldez in an uncredited performance.


He first appeared being combed for lice before being granted access to the ship. He boarded just moments before Jack & Fabrizio did and they almost passed each other.

He attended the Irish party and was shown to amuse himself.

When the ship started to sink, the man got up and saw steward 2 handing lifebelts to passengers. He moved on with Tommy Ryan and Fabrizio to the gate guarded by steward 3. After almost an hour, the gate was finally opened for women. But the man squeezed through the gate and ran away. All other man weren't so lucky, a seaman used an axe to punch the man back behind the gate, which was quickly closed again.

But the bearded man had escaped steerage and made his way up to Emergency Lifeboat 2, but was denied access. He descended to the Grand Staircase, but ran away later and passed the musicians just when they started to play Nearer My God To Thee. He jumped and swam away from the ship. Eventually, he crawled on the hull of the overturned Collapsible Lifeboat B, where he was rescued off.