The Legend of the Titanic Ice the Shark

Mr. Ice is the shark from the 1999 animated Titanic film The Legend of the Titanic. He's a shark that works for Evarard Maltravers the rich whaler.

Plot Edit

He's the villain that tricks Tentacles the Octopus into an iceberg throwing contest so he will throw an iceberg at the surface of the ocean so the Titanic would hit it and sink.

When the Titanic started heading towards the iceberg the wheel was jammed and couldn't turn because Ice and his gang were jamming the rudder so the Titanic would go straight into the iceberg so it will sink.

When they jam the rubber long enough and the ship hits the iceberg and begins to sink, Tentacles grabs Ice and his gang and throws them out of the water and they land hard into the surface defeating Ice and his gang.

Mr. Ice is one of the most terrible villains from this Titanic film.

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