The Legend of the Titanic Orcie talking to Ice

Orci is the Killer Whale from the 1999 animated Titanic film The Legend of the Titanic.

Plot Edit

Ocri is Tentacles' Killer Whale friend. When he sees Mr.Ice and his shark gang he asks him what is he up to. When he explains that he wants to challenge Tentacles into iceberg throwing so Mr.Ice will be able to sink the Titanic. Tentacles falls for Mr.Ice's trick not knowing it's an evil plan to sink the Titanic. Ocri tries to convince Tentacles that it could be a trick since he's never seen a shark play a game at all. So Mr.Ice hires his shark gang to capture him and lock him up in an old shipwreck so they can trick Tentacles so they can sink the Titanic. They do so with Tentacles not hearing his shouts.

Later on when the Titanic is sinking after hitting the iceberg that Tentacles threw at he goes to check what he's done. He finds Orci trapped in the shipwreck and pulls the metal bars off the opening, freeing his friend.

Later, when Tentacles was keeping the Titanic from breaking in half with his tentacles, he grabs Captain Edward Smith and puts him on Orci's back before the Titanic finally sinks with Tentacles stuck to it.

Trivia Edit

Orci never appeared in the sequel, In Search of the Titanic. Although, he did appear on some of the sequel's posters which made some people think he's in it.

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