Patrick Ryan (1882? - April 15th, 1912) was a Third Class passenger of the Titanic. He died in the sinking. James Cameron invented a character named Tommy Ryan for the 1997 film Titanic, and Tommy appears to be based on him.

He was the son of Thomas Ryan (b. 1835), a farmer, and Ellen O'Mahoney (b. 1845) and he grew up in a bi-lingual Roman Catholic household. His known siblings were: Ellen (b. 1876), Johanna (b. 1878), Michael (b. 1881), Hanoria (b. 1885), Thomas (b. 1887) and James (b. 1889).

He appears on the 1901 census living at house 10 in Toomdeely North in Askeaton, Co Limerick and was described as a farmer's son at the time. His mother had died by the time of the census in 1911 when the family were living in house 1 Toomdeely North and he was one of several siblings still living with their widowed father.

A friend from his locality, a New York policeman Daniel Moran, had returned from the USA for a visit, possibly tempting Patrick to join him on the return to America. He therefore joined the Titanic in Queenstown on April 11th, 1912 as a third class passenger (joint ticket number 371110 which cost £24, 3s) and was travelling with Daniel Moran and his sister Bertha. Another local travelling with them was Margaret Madigan. He was travelling to an address in Bronx, New York where he allegedly had a job waiting for him the in the New York Police Department.

Bertha Moran and Margaret Madigan were the only survivors from the group. Patrick Ryan was lost in the sinking, and his body, if recovered, was never identified.

His elderly father later sued the White Star Line over the death of his son, claiming negligence on the Line's part, and the case later went to court in London. He was later awarded £100 for Patrick's loss.

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