The Reception Stewards or receptionists of the Titanic worked in the First Class Reception. There were two of them, they came from the Olympic, were on board the ship for her delivery trip, died in the sinking and their bodies, if recovered, were never identified.

Portrayal in the 1997 FilmEdit

In the First Class Reception

In the 1997 Film, there was a steward in the reception wearing the uniform of a third class steward. He was potrayed by Andy Bennett.

Assistant of Steward 3

During the sinking, this steward assisted Steward 3 in keeping the steerage passengers down. When the gate was opened for women, the reception steward let a woman and a man trough before he realized the order was women only. He pushed back another man, while the seaman with axe punched a few others, a lift attendant helped in closing the gate, and Steward 3 drew his pistol.

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