Seaman Davis was a fictional seaman of the RMS Titanic who appeared in the 2012 Miniseries. He was portrayed by Dave Legeno.


He was on Collapsible B, where Mario Sandrini also arrived at. Mario was looking for his brother Paolo, and Davis helpes him get on the boat. Mario dives back in the water, only to find a random man. Davis helpes him back on Collapsible B.

Soon after, the boat is filled with survivors. Davis pushes back another swimmer, but Mario recognizes him as the Second Officer and pulles him up.

Lightoller takes charge of the boat and they all struggle to keep it balanced. Jack Thayer also arrives at the boat, but Davis holds him off, saying there's no room for him.

When Mario Sandrini notices one of the men is dead, he is lowered away and Jack can come on board. Mario & Lightoller help him on.

By the time rescue arrives, Davis isn't on the lifeboat anymore. This means he died from hypothermia and slipped off the boat.[1]

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