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Steerage Entrance Steward 1 (from A Night to Remember)
Steerage Entrance Steward 2 (from A Night to Remember)
Steerage-Entrance-Steward-3- From-A-Night-to-Remember
Steerage Entrance Steward 4 (From A Night to Remember)
Steerage Entrance Steward 5 (From A Night to Remember)

The Steerage Entrance Stewards were Stewards in A Night to Remember. The first two are seen among the third class passengers gathering in the Third Class General Room following the collision with the iceberg. At first, many of the steerage passengers refuse to leave and get their lifebelts on despite orders from one of the stewards. Then when the danger becomes more obvious, the steerage passengers are told by the stewards to wait until an order is given to release them. When more of the steerage try to get through, more steerage stewards and other crew members arrive to hold them back. Only when Chief Officer Wilde tells them to release the women and children to the boat-deck is when they begin to allow the passengers to get on the boat deck, however many male passengers push the stewards aside and rush on deck to find many of the lifeboats have left.

It is highly likely that the stewards die in the sinking.


Only actor Barry Johns is identified as playing one of the Steerage Entrance Stewards.

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