Steward 2 was third class steward in the 1997 Film Titanic. He was portrayed by Nick Meaney.


This steward first appeared handing lifebelts to steerage passengers, including Tommy Ryan. The Core Extra was standing there too. Nearby, Steward 3 was at a Bostwick gate, preventing steerage passengers from reaching the lifeboats. A random steerage steward was complaining about luggage blocking the gangway. Archive footage from James Cameron's Titanic Explorer shows that this steward was acting on Steward 2's direct orders.

He had the well-known catchphrase "Go back to the main stairwell" in an attempt to prevent third class passengers from rushing to the higher decks of the sinking Titanic. Jack Dawson demanded he opened the gate but Steward 2 refused. Jack shouted "Son of a bitch!" at him as he furiously shook the gates. Then, Jack, Tommy and Jack's best friend Fabrizio de Rossi grabbed a bench nearby and forced it from its hinges to ram the gates. Rose DeWitt Bukater cleared their way.

Steward 2 yelled "Put that down!" but the gate was rammed open. He desperately tried to send the escaping passengers back only to be punched by Thomas.

Steward 2 hit the floor of the gangway head-first and passed out. He either died on the spot or woke up after all lifeboats were gone, and died in the sinking.


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Unnamed Steward

Steward 2 and an extra

Steward 2 was assisted by another unnamed steward. In the screenshot, that extra is on the left, mostly hidden behind the bars. Steward 2 is on the right, talking.

When the assistant saw Jack and his companions had grabbed a bench to ram the door open, he ran away, leaving Steward 2 alone.

It's unknown what happened to him, but as he wasn't seen in any lifeboat nor between steerage passengers on Carpathia, he most likely died in the sinking.