Steward 3 was a third class steward in the 1997 Film Titanic.


This steward first appeared waking up steerage passengers, throwing down their lifebelts from the closet and turning on the light.

Once everyone was awake, he tried to keep the steerage passengers under control[1]. He took refuge behind a closed Bostwick gate with dozens of passengers on the other side of it. He unwillingly trapped all passengers deep inside the sinking ship.

He started to give orders to get the women and children to the gate without letting any man through, but the passengers did not cooperate. Steward 3 didn't know that the men would be held back at the lifeboats anyway and held back the men and all other passengers at the gate, now joined by some other stewards. Panic ensued.

He eventually decided to open the gate for women and children. When some men tried to get trough the gate as well, Steward 3 took a revolver and forced the men back in at gunpoint. One man had to be pushed back quite far and another man still managed to escape steerage and he boarded a lifeboat. A seaman used a fire axe to force the escaping men back.

This is when Steward 3 received this well-known quote from Tommy Ryan: "For God's sake man, there are women and children down here! Let us up so we can have a chance!" Tommy then descended the stairs and went to look for another way out.

Steward 3 never made it on deck and drowned in the sinking[2].


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Historical accuracy

The Third Class Main Stairwell wasn't closed off with a Bostwick gates. The Third Class passengers weren't hold below deck by the stewards. They were prevented on AFT well deck from entering the Second Class space. It is also very unlikely that a steward would have a gun, which he would use to threaten to escaping passengers.

Unnamed stewards

Main article: Assistants of Steward 3 (from 1997 Film)

Steward 3 had at least four other stewards assisting him who most likely died in the sinking.

Behind the scenes

He was portrayed by Kevin Owers.

  1. Owers explained "he was trying to control the situation"
  2. Confirmed by Kevin Owers.