Stoker Lyons

Stoker Lyons was a fireman on the Titanic in the 2012 Miniseries.


Episode 3Edit

Although he is seen in the background of episodes 1 and 2, Lyons is given a bigger role in episode 3. He is shown to be good friends with Mario Sandrini and his brother Paolo. He and Mario evacuate a boiler room that floods, leaving a stoker and Billy Blake to drown in the boiler room. Afterwards he, Mario, and a group of stokers run through the third class area when Mario sees Steward Turnbull, 6th officer Moody, and a group of third class stewards and seamen holding back the third class passengers from escaping which results in him getting locked up with the Italian waiters. Lyons meets up with Paolo and Annie Desmond on deck a leads them to Collapsible C. After Annie is loaded in the lifeboat, Lyons informs Paolo that Mario was locked up.

Episode 4Edit

Episode 4 reveals that he is allowed into the boat. Following the sinking of the Titanic, 5th officer Lowe suggests that they must return to pick up survivors in the water, Lyons believes that he is going to throw people overboard; Lowe ignores Lyons remark and suggest they tie with other lifeboats to move passengers into the other lifeboats while a seaman rows back to the people in the water. Lyons goes with Lowe and personally plucks Hugh, Earl of Manton out of the water.

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