The Legend of the Titanic Tentacles

Tentacles is the giant Octopus from the 1999 animated Titanic film The Legend of the Titanic. He has a dog's nose and is very friendly.

Plot Edit

He gets tricked by Mr. Ice and his gang of sharks into an iceberg throwing contest to see who can throw icebergs the farthest so that way Tentacles would throw an iceberg at the surface of the ocean so the Titanic would hit the iceberg so it will sink. Tentacles' friend Orci tries to stop him, but his warning is neglected and the Titanic starts to sink.

When Tentacles finds out the truth why Mr. Ice wanted him to challenge him in throwing icebergs which was so that way the Titanic will sink he becomes upset of what he's done.

Later on when the Titanic begins to break in two he wraps himself around the ship, keeping it together with his tentacles. Because of that everyone including Captain Edward Smith are able to get off the ship to safety. When the Titanic finally sinks, Tentacles is sucked down and is considered deceased.

In the end of the film, he is revealed to be alive and gets thanked by all the people and he has become a true hero.

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