The Titanic Lost & Found

The Titanic Lost...and Found is a 1987 book by Step into Reading about the history of the Titanic disaster.


There are four chapters in the book, starting back at the year of 1912 when the tragedy happened. It shows what you would see if you slice the ship in half. You would see all the floors and rooms inside the ship. It also tells readers about the passengers in 1st, 2nd and 3rd class of the ship. There's also a page showing the near by ship Titanic tried to signal for help but doesn't come because it's radio was turned off and thought the Titanic's flares were fireworks so it didn't come to save everyone, the Californian. The book ends mentioning Robert Ballard finding the wreck of the Titanic with his underwater robot, Argo and the lessons that were learned after the tragedy happened. The Titanic Lost...and Found is good book for kids about the RMS Titanic.

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