Titanic The Lost Mission
Titanic: The Lost Mission is the demo version of the award winning computer game Titanic: Adventure Out of Time. You're a secret agent exploring abroad the RMS Titanic.

Plot Edit

In this fully playable mini-adventure - not included in the full version of the game. You test your skills as a British secret agent and explore a virtual recreation of the RMS Titanic to uncover a plot that could spell the end of the White Star Lines most famous vessel. Match wits with the era's aristocrats and the ship's crew in an attempt to uncover vital information.

This disk was built using the same Dreamfactory technology and historically accurate 3D models as the award-winning Titanic: Adventure Out of Time from CyberFlix. It contains portions of the virtual Titanic-ready for you to explore-as well as several of the characters contained in the full version. But this unique, self-contained episode is only available on this disk.

Disk Features: Edit

Titanic The Lost Mission Living Room
Interactive mini-adventure

Gallery of more than 40 screenshots

Game movie trailer

WindowsTM compatible Screensaver (100+ images)

Features: Edit

Titanic The Lost Mission Hallway
Board the ship with easy-to-navagate, fully explorable 3D environments with fluid 360 movement

Suspense-thriller with dramatic and historical themes

Characters remember your decisions and act accordingly

Originally soundtrack and ambient effects in 3D stereo

Simple, clean game interface

Easy, quick startup

System Requirements: Edit

Windows95, Windows3.1 or WindowsNT 3.5.1 486/66 or faster processor 100% Windows compatible sound card Double-speed or speed or faster CD-ROM drive Super VGA monitor 12 MB RAM

For More Information: Edit

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