The Titanic drunk was a recurring extra from the 1997 Film, like the man being combed for liceHe was portrayed by Graham Mackintosh.

He was first seen when Jack and Fabrizio boarded the ship.

He was among the dancers during the party in the Third Class General Room, seriously drunk, hence his name. He also watched Tommy Ryan arm-wrestle with a fellow passenger.

Later, when the ship was sinking, he appeared in the scene of the big "Shut Up!" Jack & Rose gave to the Scotland Road Steward. The Titanic drunk was guiding a family of Third Class passengers, while Jack asked a steward to open a gate, but the steward ran away. This scene was deleted and got known as the "Irish hospitality" deleted scene.

After following Jack & Rose past Steward 2, he ended up at the Grand Staircase. He came up from A Deck and was planning to go to the Boat Deck when suddenly, a First Class passenger in the Grand Staircase pulled his gun out and started shooting to Jack & Rose, who quickly ran down. The Titanic drunk and others watched it in horror.

When Benjamin Guggenheim declined a life vest and asked a brandy instead, the Titanic drunk was on A Deck level again, returning upstairs.

He saw the musicians starting to play Nearer My God To Thee.

He survived the sinking and appeared on the Carpathia.

He was one of the extra's who survived the sinking in the movie but were nevertheless shown in the dream scene.

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