Titanic Museum Attraction is a permanent two story museum shaped like the Titanic herself. Located in Branson, Missouri, it was built half-scale to the original. Located on Country Highway 76, it holds 400 artifacts in twenty galleries from the wreck of the RMS Titanic.


A picture of the museum.

The structure is anchored in water to create the illusion of Titanic at sea, and the 90-minute, self-guided tour is designed to give guests the sensation of being an original passenger on Titanic’s 1912 maiden voyage.

As the guests step through the artificial iceberg into the world of the Titanic, they are given a passenger boarding ticket. On this ticket is the name of an actual Titanic passenger and the class they were traveling. Guests will learn the individual stories & in the Titanic Memorial Room they will find out whether their ticketed passenger survived or perished.

The museum opened in 2006.

Ghost sightings

It is reportedly haunted by the ghosts of the passengers and crew of the RMS Titanic. On November 25th, 2017 an episode of Travel Channel's show "Ghost Adventures" aired an episode of them investigating the museum. There Zak Bagans and his team found a child's handprints on the glass for the bridge, Billy Tolley and Zak saw a young boy, cold spots were spotted, voices were heard through their Ghost boxes, and an unexplained vibration around the portrait of Frederick Fleet symbolizing the collision with the iceberg.

According to the staff of the museum, the ghost of John Jacob Astor IV has been seen in the reconstructed Grand Staircase.

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