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Steerage Steward 3 (from A Night to Remember)

Unnamed Steward 4 was a First Class steward in A Night to Remember. He is briefly seen trying to stop a group of third class passengers. They are breaking down a door with an axe to get into First Class. The steward tries to stop them, but he is pushed aside by the men as they bolt through.

He is based on a steward in the testimony of Titanic survivor Richard Norris Williams. Williams mentioned him in one of the handwritten notes he sent to Walter Lord:

Went into A Deck foyer, stood around, then heard call to get lifebelts. Went back to cabin with father and got out belt. At father's suggestion, put it on under his fur coat. Out in corridor again, helps release man locked in stateroom by breaking in door. Steward warns he must report him for damaging company property.

This translates into the following monologue by the steward in the film:

"Ey, what do you think you're up to? I'll have you arrested for damaging company's property. The lots of you."

In turn, the scene inspired the Scotland Road Steward in the 1997 Film Titanic.

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