aka Gordon

  • I live in Brighton, MI
  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is Panera Busboy (future actor)
  • I am Male
  • FinnXMarcy

    According to what I have gathered on the James Cameron's Titanic about the movie extras:

    • There were a total of 18,000 extras employed for the film.
      • 150 stayed the entire six months (October of 1996 to March of 1997) for shooting on the RMS Titanic set, they were the Core Extras.
      • 500 of them worked as the people in the water that were there for two weeks (that's how long the open water sequences took to shoot).
      • 2,000 extras were hired for three day shoots.
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  • FinnXMarcy

    For the 2012 mini-series, there were 2,500 extras.

    “It took three months to build and dress the main Titanic stage. We can have 250 people on deck at any one time, but once you’ve got 50 to 60 crew members, plus our stuntmen and actors, it adds up to 250 quite quickly” - Producer Chris Thompson

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  • FinnXMarcy

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  • FinnXMarcy

    Body number 6

    August 2, 2015 by FinnXMarcy


    • CLOTHING = Blue serge coat and vest; black trousers; blue and white check shirt; no socks; black boots.
    • MARKS = Blue tattoo mark and copper wire ring on right thumb.
    • Probably third class

    Fate of the body = buried at sea.

    Who do you think he is?

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  • FinnXMarcy

    Body number 5

    July 25, 2015 by FinnXMarcy

    NO. 5. - FEMALE - ESTIMATED AGE 40 - Hair, Dark Brown

    • Height = 5ft. 9 in.
    • Weight = 170 lbs.
    • Clothing = Blue waterproof; black jacket, and skirt; pink and white striped jacket; blue and red petticoat and fur boa; black boots and ribbed stockings.
    • Effects = Empty purse; crucifix; snuff box and medallion; four rings (two silver, one turquoise, and one garnet and pearl); one gold ear-ring.
    • Probably Third Class.

    Fate of body = buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery.

    Who do you think she is?

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