Titanic 3D "You Going to Cut Her Meat too Call" Official Clip HD00:57

Titanic 3D "You Going to Cut Her Meat too Call" Official Clip HD

Thursday April 11th, 1912 1:50pm

Titanic(1997). Deleted Scenes Molly Brown00:33

Titanic(1997). Deleted Scenes Molly Brown. How Bout A Little Ice

Veranda café on RMS Olympic

Veranda café of the Olympic

The Veranda cafe and Palm court were 2 separate rooms, 1 on each side of the ship. The room was aft on A-deck behind the First Class Smoke Room. The rooms were light and airy and had large windows looking out to sea. The rooms shared a pantry with the smoke room forward allowing for light refreshments. The room had beautiful trellised decor and had cane furniture. The port side cafe was considered the "smoking side" because of the revolving doors leading to the smoke room, the starboard side was frequently deserted and was used as a play room for the first class children. Both rooms had sliding doors leading onto the aft promenade, the doors had the same design as the windows.

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