Dr Washington Dodge was a survivor of the Titanic disaster.

Born in California on June 3rd, 1859 as the son of M. T. Dodge and Eliza Rodgers.

Dr. Dodge was married to Ruth Vidaver. He had a son, Henry, from a previous marriage.

A prominant banker from San Francisco, California, Dodge boarded the Titanic at Southampton with his wife Ruth and Washington Dodge Jr, their only son. Travelling as First Class passengers, the family occupied cabin A-34 (ticket number 33638, £81 17s 2d).

Dr Dodge saw his wife and son safely in Lifeboat 7. Later he was pushed in Lifeboat 13 by steward Frederick Dent Ray.

On the Carpathia, Dodge had no idea where his wife and son were as he didn't see them arriving. Mrs. Dodge also didn't see her husband, but the little Washington Jr. did. He got a mischievous idea to not tell his mother about his father and he hid from Dr Dodge. Eventually, Steward Ray reunited the family.

Washington Dodge later suffered a breakdown and shot himself, dying on June 30th, 1919.

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