William Albert Hebb was a trimmer of the Titanic. He survived the sinking.

He was born in Southampton, Hampshire, England November 9th, 1889. He was the son of William Hebb (1866 - 1934) and Mary Jane Jones (1868 - 1921). His father was from Winchester and his mother from St Laurence, Southampton and they had married in Southampton in early 1890 and had four children: Elizabeth Ellen (b. 1890), Frank Henry (b. 1900), Rose (b. 1906) and William.

William Hebb first appears on the 1891 census living with his family at Oriental Terrace in Holy Rood, Southampton and his father is described as shipyard labourer. The family have moved to 12 Cross Court by the time of the 1901 census. On the 1911 census William is listed as living with his family at 5 Brewhouse Court, French Street, Southampton and described as being 22-year-old and unmarried, although no profession is stated.

When Hebb signed on to the Titanic he gave his age as 20, his address as 5 Bells Court, Southampton and his previous ship as the Olympic. Also serving on the Titanic was his brother-in-law Albert Sylvanus Hunt who was married to his sister Elizabeth, and Albert's brother Thomas Hunt, a fireman.

William Hebb survived the Titanic disaster, being one of around 20 men to have found refuge atop the overturned Collapsible B. He returned to England but it is uncertain whether he returned to sea. He was married in 1916 in Southampton to Beatrice Larkin and had two children, twin daughters Beatrice and Dorothea. His daughters would go on to marry brothers, Beatrice to Victor Stonier and Dorothea to John Stonier.

William Albert Hebb reportedly battled with alcoholism in years after the Titanic disaster and this contributed to his early death in Southampton on June 16th, 1932. He is buried in Hollybrook Cemetery in Shirley, Southampton.

Southern Echo June 16th, 1933 (Memoriam)

HEBB--In Loving Memory of a devoted husband and father, Albert William, who passed away June 16th 1932. "Tis not the tears the moment shed That tell of the hearts that are torn, But the lonely grief of the after years, Remembrance silently borne." -- His loving Wife and Children (Beatrice and Doris).

HEBB--In loving memory of our dear brother, William, called to rest June 16th, 1932--From Dad, Nin, Frank and Rose, and brothers-in-law Albert and Will. "Still to Memory Dear."

HEBB--In loving memory of William Hebb, the dear uncle of Arthur and Rose, who fell asleep 16th June, 1932. Ever in our Thoughts.